• Ski slope planning&nbsp:

    New ski slopes / remodelling: from design to work monitoring, DIANEIGE advises clients in every step of their project:
    - Feasibility studies for ski slope equipment

    - Detailed studies of earthworking

    - Project management and work monitoring

  • Thematic areas: Snowpark, sledge, ski learning, competition, thematic tracks

    Freestyle, freeride, sledging, spaces for children only or competition areas, thematic areas, etc. give a specific hallmark to the resort and contributes to its notoriety.

    Dianeige designs thematic areas from Master Plan to Project Management.

  • Snowmaking

    Dianeige designs snowmaking systems :
    - Traditional snowmaking (monofluid and bifluid system)
    - ICS System (snowmaking in positive temperatures)

    From design to operation, DIANEIGE advises clients in every step of the project:
    - Snowmaking Master Plan
    - Feasibility studies
    - Sizing of snowmaking prodution units
    - Project Management and work monitoring

  • Lakes for ski resorts

    Located in mountain resorts, lakes allow water storage capacity to supply snowmaking network.
    DIANEIGE advises clients from preliminary studies to operation:
    - Design of lakes for snowmaking or landscape use
    - Study and sizing of construction works

    DIANEIGE is the first consultancy firm to have designed a B category-lake in France (Vars resort - 120 000 m3 – Dike height: 19.90m – 2010 / 2011). We are recognized by the Ministry of Ecology as a body for security of C and D-category hydraulic works (lakes: design, diagnostics and project management).

  • Indoor skiing

    As a pioneer in the design of indoor ski slopes, DIANEIGE designed the first French snow center for indoor skiing in Amnéville. From Japan to Kuweit or Moscow, DIANEIGE provides its clients with technically efficient equipments adapted to this type of superstructure : design of snow areas and technical rooms, snowmaking systems, capacity of the ski center or project economic study.