Scope of work

DIANEIGE carries out tourism planning projects in mountain territories :

  • Design (4 seasons Master Plan, implementation plans),
  • Project and works Management (ski slopes, lakes, snwomaking systems or outdoor activities equipment),
  • Assistance for operation of a tourism resort (assessment, snow production and grooming techniques),

following an innovativel process called "HEQ (High Environmental Quality) Planning", related to our will to respect environment and natural heritage.
With a permanent team of 18 employees, DIANEIGE exports its knowledge and skills in more than 20 countries all over the world (Europe, Russia, China, India, Japan....).

Our team

  • Louis GUILY, CEO and founder of DIANEIGE

    PhD in Geography, resort planner and snow scientist, Louis Guily contributes with his experience in ski slope planning, snowmaking system sizing, mountain lift location, reception and service area planning, conditions of snow cover preparation, etc. He puts forward proposals for the definition of strategic axes of the planning studies.

  • Olivier MERMILLOD, Deputy CEO

    "Arts et Métiers ENSAM" Engineer, Olivier MERMILLOD has a large experience as a Director of mountain resorts. Our studies benefit from his technical skills, his management approach of the tourism activity, his knowledge related to legal and financial arrangements and customer practices in mountain and muti-seasonal markets.

  • Jean-Marc PYRÉ, Manager of Project Management Dpt

    Geotechnical Engineer, Jean-Marc PYRÉ is responsible for the design and implementation of works related to ski area planning, such as ski slopes, snowmaking, lakes or avalanche engineering. As a Project Manager, he has a large experience in legal tender procedures.

  • Nicolas BRUNEL, Engineer and Planner

    Specialised in territory planning and environment, Nicolas BRUNEL has a 15 year-experience as engineer in projects related to tourism. He contributes to DIANEIGE studies by providing territory analysis, definition of planning proposals and the implied Action Plans. He also works for ski slope construction follow-ups.

  • Eric ARTIGA, Urbanist / Environment Designer

    He contributes with his skills in development, rehabilitation, value and promotion of architectural and cultural heritage in a perspective of preservation and tourist attractiveness.

  • Carlo Maria CARMAGNOLA, Ph.D. in Snow Physics

    He brings his skills in snow cover properties in an effort to optimize the snowmaking strategies and grooming technics of our clients, with constant concern for quality and sustainability of snow on ski slopes. He also manages Dianeige training and assistance department for snow preparation in ski resorts.

  • Vivien SOUM, Technicien d’études

    With a Master EPGM (Equipement, Protection and Management of Mountain Areas) from Université de Savoie, he contributes with his draughtsman's technical skills to master planning for ski resorts and ski slopes design and remodelling studies.

Dianeige is member of associations for mountain professionals

Our subsidiaries

DIANEIGE is certified by French Ministry of Ecology, as per articles R. 214-148 to R. 214-151 of Environment Code, as a firm working for security of hydraulic works (C and D lakes - study, diagnostics and project management).
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