• Tourism marketing:

    We help our clients identify their current and potential target markets. By identifying customer needs and motivations, we create and adapt products in order to improve overall satisfaction and ensure that organisational targets are met. Steps of a tourism market study are:
    - Identification of the tourism territory offers
    - Analysis of customer demands
    - Choice of a tourism positioning strategy

  • Master Plan for development or restructuring a tourism territory or resort

    The master plan shows the creation, development or restructuration of a mountain tourism area. It defines concepts to be implemented (summer / winter / 4 seasons).
    The aim of the master plan is to:
    - Take an inventory of potentialities and constraints,
    - Propose planning and equipments,
    - Estimate a global budget,
    - Define the first steps of investments.
    Illustrated by 3D pictures and films, the tourism master plan is an essential tool to start a project.